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Weekly Veg Box Scheme
Delivering to Local Area
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Once you're signed up you'll be sent a link to your portal where you are able manage and adjust the contents of your box to suit your needs.

Your first payment is taken on sign-up, then all subsequent payments are taken after you receive your veg box.

Delivering to Westonzoyland, Middlezoy, Burrowbridge, Othery, North Curry, Stoke St Gregory on Fridays.

Collection from The Mump Market Garden farm shop on Fridays and Saturdays.

Please email veg@themump.co.uk if you are outside of the delivery area and are unable to collect from our shop as we may be able to accommodate.

Large Veg Box

Example: 250g Asparagus, Broccoli, 500g Carrot, Cucumber, 150g Mixed Lettuce Bag , 200g Mushroom: Chestnut, 400g Onion, 1kg Potato: Wilja , 150g Rhubarb , 400g Tomato: Cherry

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Medium Veg Box

Example: 125g Asparagus, Broccoli, 500g Carrot, Cucumber, 150g Mixed Lettuce Bag , 200g Mushroom: Chestnut, 400g Onion, 700g Potato: Wilja , 100g Rhubarb , 300g Tomato: Cherry

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Small Veg Box

Example: Broccoli, 300g Carrot, Cucumber, 100g Mixed Lettuce Bag , 150g Mushroom: Chestnut, 300g Onion, 500g Potato: Wilja , 100g Rhubarb , 200g Tomato: Cherry

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Build Your Own

Choose from a selection of veg available to create a bespoke box for yourself and your family.

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Farm Shop

Fridays 12 - 6.30
Saturday 9 - 3.
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Artisan Bread
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Plants, Compost, Tools and much more

Our Farming Philosophy - Sustainable, No Dig and No Nasties.

The Mump Market Garden is an expanding Market Garden adopting the 'No Dig' method of cultivation to ensure healthy, rich and living soil which is the building block to everything we do. We treat our soil with the respect it deserves and rely on natural or organic methods to control our disease and pest problems.

The Mump Market Garden is off grid, which means we do not have access to mains electricity or water which we are proud to say and strive to keep it this way. In addition to this, we are also proud to say that we do not rely on any farm vehicles to grow, cultivate, or harvest our crops, consequently leading to our farm having zero reliance on fossil fuels to grow. Alternatively, we use innovative hand and battery tools which are charged by solar panels. We are honoured to be in partnership with Regenerative Agriculture Tools who supply us with the latest up to date tools which allow us to carry on living and promoting our dream. If you are interested in purchasing any of tools seen on our social media platforms then please go to Regenerative Agriculture Tools – reagtools.co.uk.

All of our packaging is either Biodegradable, Recycled and / or Reusable. To encourage single use plastics to be reused, we will be delighted to take back and appropriately deal with any of your packaging so that it can be used again. Our goal is to operate with ZERO single use plastics. To succeed in doing this, we are in discussion with local businesses to create and provide us with new eco-friendly packaging which is also biodegradable.

We actively seek other people’s waste streams and incorporate them in the farm as inputs. This could be re using mushroom boxes from a local butchers to collecting vegetable and coffee waste from our restaurant customers to add to our inhouse compost production.

The Mump Market Garden

The Mump Market Garden
Burrow Wall