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About Us

Right Round Baby Right Round - Closed Loop Systems are the goal.

Our Farming Philosophy - Sustainable, No Dig and No Nasties.

The Mump Market Garden is an expanding Market Garden adopting the 'No Dig' method of cultivation to ensure healthy, rich and living soil which is the building block to everything we do. We treat our soil with the respect it deserves and rely on natural or organic methods to control our disease and pest problems.

The Mump Market Garden is off grid, which means we do not have access to mains electricity or water which we are proud to say and strive to keep it this way. In addition to this, we are also proud to say that we do not rely on any farm vehicles to grow, cultivate, or harvest our crops, consequently leading to our farm having zero reliance on fossil fuels to grow. Alternatively, we use innovative hand and battery tools which are charged by solar panels. We are honoured to be in partnership with Regenerative Agriculture Tools who supply us with the latest up to date tools which allow us to carry on living and promoting our dream. If you are interested in purchasing any of tools seen on our social media platforms then please go to Regenerative Agriculture Tools – reagtools.co.uk.

All of our packaging is either Biodegradable, Recycled and / or Reusable. To encourage single use plastics to be reused, we will be delighted to take back and appropriately deal with any of your packaging so that it can be used again. Our goal is to operate with ZERO single use plastics. To succeed in doing this, we are in discussion with local businesses to create and provide us with new eco-friendly packaging which is also biodegradable.

We actively seek other people’s waste streams and incorporate them in the farm as inputs. This could be re using mushroom boxes from a local butchers to collecting vegetable and coffee waste from our restaurant customers to add to our inhouse compost production.

Our Vegetables

We grow seasonal vegetables adopting the no dig method, without the use of fossil fuels nor any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We focus on creating and maintaining healthy living soil to allow the biodiversity which is reflected in our exquisite tasting vegetables.

We take pride in working with nature rather than against it, by supporting and promoting the biodiversity of our soil we are able to produce ample amounts of top-quality vegetables.

Our Lambs

Our Lambs are born, raised, and pastured at The Mump Market Garden and the surrounding fields along with Burrow Mump.

If you are interested in purchasing some of our Lambs, please sign up to our mailing list for more information. You can purchase both a full Lamb or half a Lamb, which are available on the first Friday of every month.


In 2022 we plan to establish our first flock of laying hens. They will be housed on the site in a custom built egg mobile which will be moved to fresh pasture on a daily basis preceding the lambs by a few days.


We take pride in saying that 98% of our vegetables are grown on our farm, with the additional 2% being sourced from the surrounding farms who mirror ethics and philosophy. The distance our food travels from harvest to customer is better measured in meters rather than miles, we ensure this by only supplying shops and restaurants within the local community.

Throughout the next few years we endeavor to become a valued asset to the local community by turning our field into an oasis for nature and wildlife, both above and below ground. We shall achieve this by building naturally nutrient rich top soil, consequently producing a vast amount of delicious, seasonal vegetables which are saturated in nutrients. In doing this we are actively sequestering Carbon which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with the goal of reducing global climate change. We are encouraging biodiversity subsequently fostering an ecosystem that provides oxygen, pollination of plants along with many other ecological benefits.

We hope to be hosting open days and farm tours throughout the upcoming season where you can come and find out more what we are about.
We look forward to sharing our journey with you, both in person and through our social media channels.